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To be honest I always struggle in riveting but because of this I had the opportunity to learn a lot in the past years and will collect it here in the next days.


Basic riveting


Initial rivet forming

Doming the head



Riveting in narrow spaces

Especially in narrow spaces like elbow cups riveting needs another usage of the hammer.

We have to manipulate the curve of the swinging hammer that it can reach inside the narrow space and hit the workpiece in the right angle.

Normally I do this in a combined motion of my elbow and my wrist.

Initial rivet forming in narrow spaces


I lower the elbow till the path of the swinging hammer will reach into the workpiece. Than by swinging the hammer with the elbow (1) the hammer collects impuls and in the last moment I rotate the hammer around my wrist to hit the rivet in the correct angle.

Sometimes for the doming of the rear part an additional pull of the elbow in the moment of impact is helpfull.

Doming the head in narrow spaces



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