Dressed in steel

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For imprinting a sharp tool/form will be impressed into the sheet metal surface. For the needed force you can use a hammerblow or a press.

The most simple form is the imprinting of lines with a sharp or dull chisel. The used chisel will determin the form of the line. With a sharp chisel you will get deep cut narrow lines. A dull chisel needs more force but you can achieve broader decorations without cutting the workpiece.
Important is that the very edge of the chisel should be rounded otherwise you will also imprint the edges of the chisels flanks into the end of your lines.


Imprinting of decorative lines with a chisel

Because the chisel will repress material the whole workpiece will deform.

For small pieces I will fix the workpiece on the anvilsurface by pressing onto it with the side of the hand holding the chisel. This is working best for me and I´m less shaking.

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