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The most important trick for marking is to trace edges. In the picture underneath the mark ends where the workpiece should end. So I can saw off along the edge of the mark and have a good view to see any drift.


mark for a cut

If you want to mark fine lines on the workpiece you can use marking ink or steel blue to paint the workpiece surface and scribe in your lines

Link to Amazon.com
link to Amazon.de
Cutting with handshear
cutting with lever scissors


The main advantage of using a saw is that the work piece will not be deformed. This is quite interesting when I want to do very small pieces or decorations on already formed pieces.

Straight cuts you can do in two ways. When the length of the cut and the thickness of the material is almost equally big you can easily saw blunt into the material.


blunt saw cut

For cuts with far longer cutlength I saw leading. So the the saw bite angular to produce a virtually longer cutlength.


leading saw cut


For curved cuts on small pieces I use a saw for goldsmith.


goldsmith saw


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