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Abrasive paper holder

This idea was already in my head for a long time..

This is a simple holder for strips of abrasive paper made out of wood profil and foldback brackets. The advantage is that you can make them with different edges and surfacehardnesses (by using a piece of neoprene or something between holder and paper). The shown example has a straight hard surface and rounded corners.




Grinding surface sandpaperholder

This holders are perfect for handsanding of small wavy workpieces.

The foldback brackets are just mounted with a screw and a washer.

The only a little bit complex thing in making this holders is to determine their length matching to the width of your preferred available sheets of sandpaper.

3 comments on “Abrasive paper holder

  1. traumschmiede
    October 3, 2017

    Gute Idee. Hält das im Einsatz?

    • nilsmandel
      October 3, 2017

      Die Klammern halten sehr gut. Und wenn man in Richtung des Holzes schleift klappt alles gut…nur quer dazu wird das Papier labberig

      • traumschmiede
        October 4, 2017

        Probiere ich mal mit meinen Resten aus dem Lager.

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