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Plastic Chainmaille

After I saw the making of “The Lord of the Rings” I wanted to do this already a long time. I want to make myself plastic rings for light fantasy chainmaille.

In the making of it was shown that Weta Workshop had build a machine that cut of ring from a black tube. This rings were than cut open and glued together again in the weaving.

I start by searching for the right tube to use:


Test pneumatic pressurehose

I get myself two different types of pressurehoses out of black polyamide.

  • 10mm outer diameter with 1mm wallthickness
  • 12mm outer diameter with 1,5mm wallthickness

Both hoses are cutting well with a utility knife. But the rings from 10mm  hose were just to fragile due to there small wallthickness


Plastic chainmaille cutting the hose


I cut of rings with about 1mm thickness. Than I cut the half of the rings open and weave them all together. The open rings I then glue together again with superglue.


Plastic chainmaille testpiece


to be continued…

3 comments on “Plastic Chainmaille

  1. traumschmiede
    March 22, 2016

    Da bin ich gespannt auf das Ergebnis 😉

    • nilsmandel
      March 24, 2016

      Ich auch…dauert aber noch. Bin gerade in Malaysia stationiert 😉

      • traumschmiede
        March 24, 2016

        Zumindest sollte es da warm genug sein 😉

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